If you have low voltage electrical apparatus situated on, under, or over your property, you should be eligible to seek compensation for its presence, provided that it continues to supply other properties. At Thomson Broadbent we have negotiated special rates for equipment sited on residential property.

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    Low Voltage Case Studies & Testimonials

    "Just short note to say that your service in processing the Wayleave and keeping me informed of progress was excellent."

    - Mr Breton, Colchester (March 2023)

    "...your actions were efficient and surprisingly swift when I eventually supplied you with the information required. Payment was trouble free and I would recommend your services without hesitation."

    - Mr Holm (November 2022)

    "We were extremely satisfied with the conduct of this claim. Settled earlier than expected and the Edinburgh Solicitors were first class. Good Experience."

    - Mr & Mrs Smart, Brechin (September 2022)

    "I would like to thank you for sorting this case for me and my wife and also to sticking to the timeframe you gave me once things were under your control."

    - Mr Rady (October 2022)

    "We have been very pleased with your service and the outcome. The compensation was paid directly into our bank account but we are most pleased now we have an up to date wayleave. Once again, thank you for your help, we would not hesitate to recommend your services to other land owners with out of date agreements."

    - Mr & Mrs Dole - Norwich (April 2022)

    "I was very pleased with the service I received which was professional and speedy."

    - Ms Aloney (May 2022)


    • How much will I recieve?

      The amount paid by the electricity company to retain their equipment is subject to validation and in most cases they will pay in the region of £100 – £1000 depending on the nature of the equipment.

    • How long will my case take?

      Most Low Voltage cases take between 3 and 9 months to complete. The exact time frame can be affected by factors outside of our control such as the budgetary constraints of the electricity network which can vary from time to time.

    • Why should I appoint Thomson Broadbent

      • We have over 25 years' experience in access and rights over land.
      • We have no up front fees
      • We are regulated by the Royal institution of Chartered Surveyors ("RICS")
      • All cases are assigned a dedicated Administrator and a dedicated Surveyor who you can contact directly (no call centres here)
    • Who is Eligible?

      The registered owner where electricity equipment is situated, provided no permanent rights exist. 

      Don't worry, the first thing we will do after instruction is check if there are any existing permanent rights, if there are, we close our file free of charge.

    • What if I think there is an existing deed?

      Give us a call on 01536 264101.

      With your permission, one of our team would be happy to carry out a search to see if permanent rights have already been granted by a previous owner.

    • How much do you charge?

      Our services for Low Voltage cases are at no cost to you!

      This is because the Electricity network will pay our fee, on your behalf to advise you about the terms of the agreement.

    • What if I sell my property before my case completed?

      If you sell your property before your case is completed, the right to negotiate a new agreement will pass to the new owner.

      We will close our file at no charge.

    • How much will I receive?

      Each Electricity Network has different payment rates for different types of equipment.

      In most cases our clients will receive between £100 and £1,000.

    • How long does it take?

      Most cases take between 3 and 9 months to complete. The exact time frame can be affected by factors outside of our control such as the budgetary constraints of the electricity network which can vary from time to time.

    • Can I appoint more than one agent?

      No, the electricity network will only deal with and pay the fees of one firm.

      If you do appoint more than one agent, it can significantly delay the processing of your case. If you cannot recall whether you have already appointed another agent, please call us on 01536 264101 for further advice.