• Inspections during Covid-19

    Restrictions have been in place for a while now and we have continually reviewed the government guidance in relation to the work which we carry out.

    Most notably, the Government have provided clarity on conducting work in Client’s homes. Having reviewed this guidance and conducted the necessary risk assessments, we are pleased to announce that we will now be restarting the process of inspecting properties where this is required.

    In order to ensure the safety of our colleagues, clients and the general public there will be some additional safety measures put in place. You can read more about these below. Our surveyors and property inspectors have also received additional training on how to use PPE safely and effectively and on how to carry out safe inspections whilst the transmission of COVID-19 remains a risk.

    In all cases, one of our team of Case Handlers will call each client to make the necessary arrangements for an inspection and to gain as much information about the property as possible prior to the site visit to minimise any contact with other people whilst conducting the site visit.

    We understand that some of our clients will may still prefer not to have visitors at this time. If this is the case and you have received a ‘Property Inspection Notification’ from us, please call us on 01536 264101 and we will be happy to postpone the inspection to a later date. It should be noted however, that in many instances, we are unable to progress a case without conducting an inspection and this may delay progress.
    In order to abide by current government guidance and minimise the risk of transmission, our Property Inspector will not be completing an internal inspection of your property and will not be expected to make direct contact with you to ensure that risks are minimised for both parties.

    Conducting Safe Inspection – COVID-19 Additional Requirements
    1. Our property inspector will aim to arrive at the time specified.
    2. When they arrive at the property, they will post a notice through your letter box to let you know that they have began the external inspection of the property and electrical apparatus. Please note that we will not knock on your door or expect you to answer the door.
    3. It should not be necessary for you to come into direct contact with our property inspector.
    4. If it is necessary for you to talk to our Property Inspector please ensure that you maintain a 2 meter distance at all time and limit contact to no more than 15 minutes. Where possible, please communicate with our Property Inspector though a window opened on the latch.
    5. Our property inspector will be wearing PPE including a Face Covering and Disposable Gloves as a precautionary measure.
    6. If it is not possible to gain access to the electrical equipment without entering your property, please contact us as soon as possible. It may be necessary to postpone the inspection
    7. If your equipment is not easily accessible but can be accessed without entering the property (for example through a side gate) please call us on 01536 264101 to agree arrangements for our Property Inspector to access the relevant area of your property.